CHRB Releases Annual Report: Fatalities Down 52 Percent Over Last Three Years

The California Horse Racing Board released its annual report on Tuesday, covering the fiscal year revenue of 2021-2022 and the California horse racing through the calendar year of 2022.

CHRB chair Dr. Gregory Ferraro lauded the efforts of the executive director Scott Chaney and deputy executive director Cynthia Alameda for their cooperation with the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority on racetrack safety rules: “The result has been federal regulations that reflect, in large part, that which is already in place here in California.”

Ferraro also praised the CHRB’s efforts to improve equine safety and reduce catastrophic injuries on the racetrack.

CHRB Unanimously Backs Collecting HISA Fees

Betting is up marginally in the state and equine fatalities are down.


The California Horse Racing Board unanimously approved a motion in a board meeting April 21 to “opt-in” and remit Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority fees upon it receiving the necessary statutory authority.

The board’s actions follow recent similar moves by regulators in Kentucky and Minnesota, CHRB executive director Scott Chaney said. Elsewhere, regulators in New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas chose not to collect HISA assessments, with some citing conflicts with existing state laws.

If regulators decide not to collect and remit HISA assessments, the duty falls to covered racetracks. Federal regulation of the Thoroughbred racing industry under HISA begins July 1.


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