Equibase Adds Results Charts Featuring GPS Data

Equibase, the Thoroughbred industry’s official database for racing information, announced Oct. 22 the addition of result charts that include data collected from global positioning satellite systems.

“After many years of evaluating GPS to deliver expanded data, Equibase is pleased to be successfully leveraging this technology for racing,” said Sal Sinatra, president and chief operating officer for Equibase. “GPS technology provides comprehensive data for each horse during the entire running of a race, and we are excited to now be able to provide this rich data on the website.”

During the running of the race, the GPS system collects a comprehensive data set every half second for every horse in the race. The charts will enable users to see this data at the traditional points of call, as well as at one-sixteenth-mile intervals. In addition to traditional information such as lengths ahead and lengths behind, data such as each horse’s sectional and cumulative time, average speed, number of strides, average stride length, and average strides per second are included in each GPS chart.


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