Midway University to Offer Fully Online Equine Degree

Midway University, through an article in the Lane Report, has announced that the Board of Trustees has approved an additional new degree program within the School of Business, Equine, and Sports Studies: a fully remote, and set to begin immediately, Bachelor of Science in Equine Business and Sales.

Course work in the program will cover broad topics including equine anatomy and equine healthcare management, as well as courses focused on the marketing, legal, and financial aspects of buying and selling horses, regardless of breed. Students will also cover concepts focused on building and developing a fan base through equine tourism. Courses are formatted in eight-week modules, with many starting five times a year to allow students to take them around busy work and home schedules. Previous college credit or an associate degree can be transferred toward this one and interested students are encouraged to call the admissions office for more information.