Coteau Grove Receives ‘Gift’ of Healthy Twin Colts

Villa d’Este gave birth to the Gift Box colts April 3 at the Louisiana farm.


Staff at Coteau Grove Farms in Louisiana received the gift of a lifetime April 3 when their mare Villa d’Este foaled not one, but two healthy colts by Gift Box  .

In the months leading up to the birth, broodmare manager Jacob Cyprian said the mare’s size had them questioning her due date.

“We’ve been looking at her since January, we knew she wasn’t due until the beginning of April … We were like, ‘Man, she’s so big,’ so we just started keeping an eye of her and started watching her,” Cyprian said. “We never knew it was twins. When she got in foal, we always thought she was just having one.”

“(We thought) the date could be wrong so we started backtracking, trying to see what was going on, and we were right (about the due date). When she started getting close, we just kept an eye on her and she was just getting real slow and real heavy. I said, ‘Well, she’s going to go soon.'”


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