New Louisiana Accreditation and Mare Forms Now Online

Attention LTBA members

In the coming days, LTBA will be mailing NEW forms for Accrediting Louisiana Bred foals and for Mare Registration.
These new forms correspond to changes to the LTBA by-laws and must be completed accurately and must be signed.

Both forms are available on the  LTBA Website or may be downloaded and printed from the links below.

2022 Louisiana Accreditation Forms
Please be sure to complete all segments as there is new information which is required.

Click here to download and print Foal Accreditation form

(Please note that this form is legal sized. Please use legal size paper in your printer or reduce to fit on a single page. Please be sure that you include the signature line

If you are unable to print the above form in legal size, you may use this smaller pdf  Accreditation of Louisiana-Bred-Foal Form

Mare Registration
Click here to download and print Mare Registration form