Jockey Club Introducing Microchips in Registration Process

Dear Thoroughbred Breeder/Owner,

Microchips are being introduced as part of the registration process for Thoroughbreds. Microchipping is voluntary and free for foals of 2016 and later. An implanted microchip will be required for the registration of foals in 2017.

For foals of 2016, microchips may be requested on the Live Foal Report and will be mailed with the Registration Application and DNA kit. The microchips that will be distributed are the “Slim Microchip T-SL” model manufactured by DATAMARS.

Microchips should be implanted by an equine veterinarian or under the supervision of a veterinarian before or at the same time the DNA hair sample is collected, markings are recorded, and photos are taken. The horse identifier should scan the microchip and record the number along with the markings when identifying the horse.

For more detailed information and frequently asked questions on microchipping, please see Microchips FAQ’s.

If you wish to purchase microchips for foals born in 2015 or earlier, you may do so at

We hope you take advantage of the opportunity to microchip your foals of 2016, becoming familiar with the process before it is a registration requirement beginning with the foal crop of 2017. We welcome any questions and feedback at

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Andrew Chesser
Manager, Registration Services
The Jockey Club

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