LTBA Board of Directors Ballots in the Mail

June 1, 2016

Ballots for the LTBA 2016 Board of Directors election have mailed today, June 1, 2016 from TrueBallot in New Haven, CT.

There are six people on the ballot:
Brett Brinkman
Charlotte Stemmans Clavier
Tom Early
Eddie Guidry
Warren Harang, III
Lora Pitre
Members may vote for up to four (4). Only 2016 members in good standing are eligible to vote. Associate members do not have voting privileges.

If you do not receive a ballot, or if you lose or destroy your ballot, you may request a replacement by calling 866-620-4940 anytime and leaving your name, address and phone number. A new ballot will be mailed within 48 hours.

Ballots must be RECEIVED before June 30, 2016. Be sure to allow time for mailing to New Haven, CT. Ballots not received by June 30th WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

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