LTBA Board of Directors Election Results

July 05, 2016


Dear Breeder,


We would like to thank everyone who participated in the election for the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association Board of Directors. Special thanks also go out to those of you who put their own business aside for some time in order to place their name on the ballot of 2016. The results are as follows, with the top four (4) being elected to a three (3) year term;



177 Brett Brinkman

177 Warren Harang III

162 Tom Early

137 Charlotte Stemmans Clavier


119 Eddie Guidry

99 Lora Pitre


True Ballot, as an Impartial Balloting Agency, certified that the results of the election are true and accurate, the ballots were properly counted, and rigid safeguards were maintained to protect the secrecy of the ballot. At the conclusion of the counting, all ballots and materials were placed in appropriate containers, sealed and stored by True Ballot.





Roger A. Heitzmann III


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