What’s Going On Here: Keep Calm and Bet to Win

Commentary from BloodHorse Magazine



COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, is for real. So, for a minute, let’s deal with it.

Local and state governments are trying their best to “flatten the curve” by stopping all gatherings of more than a few hundred people. The president just declared a national emergency. That means all major, and most minor, sporting events have been canceled for the foreseeable future—with the exception of spectator-less Thoroughbred racing. We get that.

What we don’t get is the panic across the country that seems to be gaining traction. By now, most everyone understands that toilet paper is currently one the most precious commodities on the planet. Who knew? Now, “dry goods” such as pastas, breads, and rice are flying off the shelves here in the Bluegrass, and there are plenty of videos online of long lines at grocery stores in much larger municipalities than Lexington.

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