No Injuries Reported in Oaklawn Barn Fire

An April 11 fire in Oaklawn Park‘s Wild Again barn detected shortly before 7 p.m. CT resulted in no injuries to horses or people after a safe evacuation, the Arkansas track said in a late Tuesday press release. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

The Hot Springs Fire Department along with Oaklawn’s security and staff worked quickly to extinguish the fire within minutes. The north end of the Wild Again barn was destroyed by the fire. All horses and humans have been relocated to nearby barns for the remainder of the season, which ends May 6. Trainer Ron Moquett posted a photo on twitter after the fire had been extinguished showing much smoke damage to the upper portion of the Wild Again barn.

Oaklawn expressed its appreciation to the Hot Springs Fire Department, Hot Springs Police Department, Garland County Sheriff’s Department, the horsemen, and the Oaklawn team members for their quick response and diligence in ensuring all horses were safe and sound and no other barns were affected.

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